• Life – September 2023 – Uneventful
    The last month was really slow and I’m thankful for that. After a 2 month stretch where I was gone as much as I was home having a month straight at home was kind of nice. Since I didn’t do much in the last month there aren’t many photos to share.
  • Cheer – September 2023
    Autumn is here. It’s still too early for competition season, but High School football is underway and this is the first full weekend of College football. For the UCA Colleges that means Nationals is 4.5 month away. As soon as they get settled into school and football it’s time to start working on Nationals and … Read more
  • Life – August 2023 – Food
    The past month was full of fun and food. It started with the Atlanta Hawks tryouts and included trips to Nashville, New Orleans, and Austin with the best part being getting to catch up with Raymond in New Orleans. It has also been a reminder that healing is slow. Bumps and bruises from June haven’t … Read more
  • Cheer – August 2023 – Summer
    For me the past month of cheer was focused on the combined USASF-USA Cheer National Meeting in Nashville. For the 1st time the 2 organizations came together to host the meeting and have sessions that covered almost the entire spectrum of cheer. Outside of the National Meeting cheer has been pretty quiet for me. I’ve … Read more
  • Life – July 2023 – Word Won’t Do It Justice
    The past month is better remembered in pictures than words. Bournemouth left an impression. Ibiza was everything it was supposed to be. Joe & Lauren are now married. Destin was a great way to wrap up traveling and I took one of my favorite photos of the year.
  • Cheer – July 2023 – Update Season
    June is a pretty slow month for cheer so there isn’t much news to comment on. Some of the things to think about this time of year, as preparations are made for the new season, are rules and scoring updates. For the rules my recommendation is to audit the Legality Official course, which the USASF … Read more
  • Life – June 2023
    In the past month I’ve had a birthday, a birthday dinner, finished runner-up in a Memorial Day weekend cornhole tournament, and not much else. I’m still taking pictures of flower and enjoying an occasional glass of bourbon. The next month will be a little more adventurous.
  • Cheer – June 2023 – The New Season
    Today is the start of the 2023-24 USASF season. In my corner of the cheer world the biggest topic of late has been the USASF raising the minimum age of Open team athletes to 18ish along with the competitive disadvantage that gives US teams since the rest of the World has a younger minimum age. … Read more
  • Life – May 2023
    Over the last month I took too many photos of flowers and spent some time in Florida. Other than that it has been pretty uneventful. The name tag wasn’t mine.
  • Cheer Season 2022-23 – Part II
    The 2nd update of the season comes after I’ve attended my first 3 competitions. During this time I’ve seen some outstanding routines, a couple awful performances, and a whole lot in between. Some teams showed the typical early season problems that look like lack of conditioning and nerves while some others looked truly unprepared. Only … Read more