What makes something essential? Yes, this thought is related to recent healthcare concerns and conversation, but I’m not asking what should be included in essential healthcare. I want to know what goes into determining if something is essential or not.

For me the easy things to start with are those that are necessary to maintain my life, like food and water. Beyond that it gets a little tricky. Part of me would like to add things that maintain my lifestyle or improve my life, but I’m not sure those should make the cut.

I’ll stop there for now, but let me know your thoughts.

Who Belongs in a City? by OluTimehin Adegbeye

OluTimehin Adegbeye presented Who Belongs in a City? as a TED Talk.

Are You Disrespecting Women at Work?

USA Today published an article titled Are you disrespecting women at work? How to be an ally. The article lists several “dos” and “don’ts” for men to “avoid social hiccups”. What are your thoughts on the points made?

How the US Government Spies on People Who Protest – Including You by Jennifer Granick

Jennifer Granick presented How the US Government Spies on People Who Protest – Including You as a TED Talk.

Viva Las Vegas

This week there was a shooting in Las Vegas that left more than 50 dead and 500 injured. It’s being called the deadliest shooting in modern US history. One moment people were enjoying a country concert and the next being rapid fire shot at from a hotel window. A couple of coaches I know were there and are OK, but from reading social media our industry lost a couple members.

Following this deadly event the gun control conversation resumed. People on one side saying it’s evidence stricter gun laws are needed and people on the other side reminding everyone they won’t help because “guns don’t kill people, people do” and stuff like that. I completely agree with the guns don’t kill people statement, but they make it a whole lot easier. This probably wouldn’t have been the deadliest attack if the attacker didn’t have access to a gun and had to use rocks, knives, or a crossbow.

In theory I’m a fan of gun control because I believe the world would be a better place without them. On the other hand I’m also a gun owner because I don’t want to be the one with the knife at the gun fight. Unfortunately guns already exist and people, good and bad, have them. I don’t know how to get them out of the hands of the people that already have them and don’t think simply asking people to turn them in would work. Since I don’t see a scenario in which we’d get all of them back, or at least out of the hands of the bad people, I’m not sure we should try to take them out of the hands of the good people, even if that means they also get in the hands of more bad people. Basically, the genie is out of the bottle and it’s going to be really hard to get him back in.