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  • Cheer – June 2023 – The New Season

    Today is the start of the 2023-24 USASF season. In my corner of the cheer world the biggest topic of late has been the USASF raising the minimum age of Open team athletes to 18ish along with the competitive disadvantage that gives US teams since the rest of the World has a younger minimum age. […]

  • Life – May 2023

    Over the last month I took too many photos of flowers and spent some time in Florida. Other than that it has been pretty uneventful. The name tag wasn’t mine.

  • Cheer Season 2022-23 – Part II

    The 2nd update of the season comes after I’ve attended my first 3 competitions. During this time I’ve seen some outstanding routines, a couple awful performances, and a whole lot in between. Some teams showed the typical early season problems that look like lack of conditioning and nerves while some others looked truly unprepared. Only […]

  • Happy Holidays

    Cirque du Soleil’s “Kurios” kicked off this period. I really enjoy the Cirque shows and see them almost any time they come around. I’ve lost track of how many different shows I’ve seen and am guessing my next one will be the new one at Disney. Thanksgiving came and went without anything unexpected catching fire […]

  • Cheer Season 2022-23

    The competitive part of the 2022-23 cheer season is here. I write this knowing many of my school team related colleagues have already competed, some are nearing the end of their competitive season, and others have been crowned State champs. On the All Star side we’re just about to get started despite the first Worlds […]

  • Uneventful Month

    The past month has been pretty uneventful with no travel and cheer not starting yet. Food wise I can recommend an over the top shake and Fat Matt’s Rib Shack and may have to stay away from the Beyond Chicken Tenders for a while. Kentucky lost a few football games and basketball season started. This […]

  • Reunited

    The past month was all about being reunited. I met up with my cousin in Atlanta, something I definitely should have done sooner. I then went to the Kentucky-Mississippi football game with David and Kendall Hanbery, Brian Elza, and my college roommate Chad Baker. After that I spent a couple days in Memphis, returning to […]

  • A Clever Title

    The past month won’t rank as my favorite. I wrote that sentence a couple days ago and it definitely didn’t turn around. Thank goodness for the return of college football. God Save the King!

  • Good Eating

    The past month has been all about eating. It started with brunch and a mimosa bucket with the Joneses and ended at a Mexican restaurant with my roommate. In between was pizza with Robin, Strawberry Shortcake French toast, Peach Cobbler French toast, an Atlanta icon, In-N-Out, one of the largest pizzas I’ve ever had, and […]

  • A Long Time Coming

    I haven’t posted in a long time, almost a year. I’m going to attempt to get back into publishing here regularly and will start slow with about a once a month pace. Since my last post I was promoted and moved from the Memphis area to the Atlanta area. In moving I moved in with […]

  • Orry & Troy Wedding

    The final wedding of the season was Orry Clayborne & Troy Allen on September 11th in Memphis.

  • Thompson Wedding

    The 3rd wedding of the summer was Jomo Thompson & Molly Hogan on June 26th, conveniently both the their birthday.

  • Brower Wedding

    The second wedding of the season was Savanna Geeslin and Talmage Brower on June 5th.