Straight Lines

“The mind thinks in straight lines, but the world doesn’t work in straight lines.”

Twitter for iOS

Last week I got a Twitter notification on my phone that I didn’t want. It told me 2 other accounts started following another account. I didn’t and still don’t care and was annoyed Twitter showed that notification knowing that I didn’t sign up to receive anything like that. When I went to check and potentially change my Twitter notification settings I became more annoyed. For some reason I couldn’t change my mobile notification settings within the app without first changing the iOS setting to allow Twitter notifications on my lock screen. This means in order to lessen the notification permissions, I first had to give them more permissions. This seemed very, very shady to me.

Fit or Sore

“You don’t go to the gym once and get fit, you get sore.”

Peaceful Jog

Most days I get up and go on a quick jog before really starting my day. I don’t think I move fast or far enough to call what I’m doing running so I’ll stick with calling it a jog. I started jogging for the health benefits years ago, but now do it more to clear my head than anything else. Normally while jogging I have something creep into my consciousness. Usually it’s whatever’s the most prominent thing on my mind, like my most recent event and any calls made or not made, an upcoming meeting, or a recent interaction with someone. I’ve noticed the more at peace I am with myself the more trivial my thoughts when jogging.

Recently my jogging thoughts were about out of bounds at Worlds. Given I care about out of bounds none as little as possible without offending my bosses, life must be good. I hope it stays this way.

Don’t Like Clickbait? Don’t Click by Sally Kohn

Sally Kohn presented Don’t Like Clickbait? Don’t Click as a TED Talk.