Life – Part 2 – The Recent Past

The past few months have been something. I tried to think of a better word than “something” and Adventure, Strange, Unique and a couple others ran through my mind, but none, including “something” really hit the mark. This stretch of life has included international trips to Australia (Part 2 and Part 3), Chile (Part 2), and Costa Rica, and getting to experience cultures different than my own.

It’s included someone I believe is a good person saying I inspired them to go out of their way to be a better person due to the Good Deed Thwarted. It included one of my former athletes dying at too young an age. May CJ rest in peace and continue making those around him smile.

It’s included nights of drunken fun, stupidity, and pictures, most of which have been posted. It’s included a phone call from a good friend I’ve drifted away from for no reason other than neither of us picking up the phone to call the other. I need to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

It’s included trips to California, Arizona, Texas, and Mississippi to hang out with Matt, Keelie, Jameel, Kristi, Omar, Christian, Jeremy, David, Kendall, Josh, Kat, Shane, and Swayze, among others. It’s included agreeing in principle to changing my role within the cheerleading industry to having an even longer term focus in mind.

It’s included thinking, re-thinking, and over-thinking too many things to list, including all the “somethings” that took place in the past few month. It’s included an Usher concert on a Monday night, which makes for a long week. One of the things said the night of the Usher concert was:

You have to go through something to get to something.

I agree and think it’s time to slow down and notice the something I’ve gotten to.