Good Deed Thwarted

A couple weeks ago I went to the bank to get some cash before what was destined to be a long and festive day. When I pulled up to the ATM and stuck my card it, it got kicked out. Looking at the screen I saw a bunch of stuff in Spanish that I didn’t understand and what appeared to be a countdown with 50-something seconds left. I figured I’d wait it out then proceed with my transaction. During the wait my ADD kicked in and I noticed money was in the dispenser. The truck in front of me left without taking there money. I took it out and the countdown stopped. I went on with my transaction and drove to Scott’s to start the festivities.

Once I got to Scott’s I called my bank to see if there was a way to return the money to it’s owner. Since my transaction had to be recorded I figured there would be a way to pull that up and determine the transaction that was immediately before mine. I knew they couldn’t give me any information about the person that left their money, but I was guessing they’d be able to do something to help me return the money to the right person. They couldn’t. Between bank policies and privacy laws the person I talked to from my bank couldn’t do anything to assist me in returning the money.

Well I tried. And the money was well spent on the festivities of the evening.