Cheer Season 2022-23 – Part II

The 2nd update of the season comes after I’ve attended my first 3 competitions. During this time I’ve seen some outstanding routines, a couple awful performances, and a whole lot in between. Some teams showed the typical early season problems that look like lack of conditioning and nerves while some others looked truly unprepared. Only a couple I saw were able to pull off outstanding performance and the ones that did really stood out. I expect the early season issues to be resolved by my next update, otherwise I’ll no longer be able to call them “early season” issues.

I don’t want to dwell on poor performances too much this time of year, but would like to suggest paying attention to the words used when a coach or owner talks about how their teams did. A team having a bad day isn’t that big of a deal, but at some point consistent bad days stat looking like a bad team having a normal day.

I also had an event first, which is rare for me now. I just had my first event delayed by a real fire. I’ve had fire alarms (and even a bomb threat) delay competitions before, but this was the first time the fire was real that I’m aware of.

Congratulations to everyone earning bids to end of season events and good luck to everyone getting ready for college nationals.