Margarita Summer

This summer we’re resuming the goal of creating a magnificent margarita and will be lightly documenting the journey and letting everyone know what we come up with when we’re done. Phase 1 of this experiment is creating a margarita on the rocks. After that we’ll play with frozen margaritas and adding extra flavors, but only after we have the rocks version down.

This was inspired during a trip to Mexico City last December in which I had 2 of the best margaritas I’ve ever had despite them being very, very different. One was dry and a bit sour and the other was sweet and slightly bubbly. During this trip one of our hosts and friends, Ricardo, recommended Don Julio Blanco as the tequila we should be using for Margaritas. Shortly after that I started the search for the perfect margarita with the only limitation being using that tequila.

Our first pass at the Rocks version including Don Julio Blanco and Grand Marnier. Although we made it to very good we didn’t quite hit magnificent so our quest will continue. Version 2.0 will swap in Cointreau for Grand Marnier.

So far the taste testers have included Norris Domingue, Joe Arkansas, Tony Crump, Josh McCurdy, Sean Williams, Scott & Erica Bell, Jenna Scheiner, and Taylor DeSimone. After a few more experiments I’ll let you know how it’s progressing.

Wish us luck, and maybe join us for a round or 2.