It Works

A couple years ago I had an internal defibrillator installed because my heart does funky things. Yesterday I found out it works. During my morning cardio it defibrillated me, knocking me off the elliptical to my ass.

While still on the ground I called Tony, who lives nearby, to come and get me, but with it being a little before 7am he didn’t answer. I’m not sure it I was sitting or lying at this point because I was still in the what the hell just happened phase. After lying on the ground for what felt like a couple more minutes I felt good enough to stand up and try to get home. Other than feeling sore, like I just finished one of the best full body workouts of my life, walking home wasn’t a problem.

I called my doctor’s office on the way home, but it was about 40 minutes before it opened. At home I have a transmitter that can send info from the device to the doctor so I did that once I got home, then returned to lying on the floor. At this point I was feeling pretty normal other than the soreness. I decided to get up and take a shower to pass the time until the doctor’s office opened.

While I was in the shower the doctor’s office called me because they saw the data from the transmission. When I called back I let them know I was feeling alright and they said they didn’t see anything in the transmission that warranted rushing to the hospital as long as I felt alright, but to go if that changed. The specialist I needed wasn’t coming in the office that day so I don’t yet know the details of what caused this to happen, but should get more info later today.

I also cut my finger and burnt my mouth yesterday.