Life Without an Attention Span

The other day I was working from home, so I was sitting on my couch working on my computer with the TV on for background noise. When I work from home I usually watch Chopped, regular or junior, from my DVR because I won’t really watch it. While I was working I realized I needed to use the restroom so I paused the TV and got up. Once I stood up I realized the dryer had stopped so I needed to check it and either restart it or change loads. On my way to the dryer I passed the fridge and realized I was hungry so I put a bowl of soup in the microwave. I then made it to the dryer and changed loads, taking the dry load to my room. I started folding the laundry in my room until I heard the TV in the living room because it had been on pause long enough to return to live TV. Since I hear it I return to the living room, sit down, resume Chopped, and start working again.

As I start working I realize the soup is still sitting in the microwave, the laundry I started folding is incomplete in my room, and I still haven’t gone to the bathroom. This is life without an attention span.