College Football’s Sweet Sixteen

Since Kentucky didn’t play last weekend it seems like a good time to look at the rest of the teams. We now have 16 undefeated teams remaining in major college football. This is down from 20 a week ago. Fortunately for the selection committee, all but 2 of the undefeated teams will need to beat at least one of the other’s to make it to the playoff undefeated. This leads to no more than 7 teams finishing the season undefeated, which doesn’t really help the selection committee, but is better than double digit undefeateds. The remaining undefeateds are listed below with major games remaining.

  • Ohio State – Michigan State and Michigan
  • Baylor – Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and TCU
  • TCU – Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, and Baylor
  • Utah – UCLA
  • Clemson – Florida State
  • LSU – Florida, Alabama, Ole Miss, and Texas A&M
  • Michigan State – Michigan and Ohio State
  • Florida – LSU and Florida State
  • Texas A&M – Alabama, Ole Miss, and LSU
  • Florida State – Clemson and Florida
  • Oklahoma State – TCU, Baylor, and Oklahoma
  • Iowa – Northwestern
  • Toledo – No one undefeated or ranked.
  • Houston – Memphis
  • Temple – Notre Dame and Memphis
  • Memphis – Ole Miss, Houston, and Temple

Previously undefeated teams losing last week were Oklahoma (to Texas), Northwestern (to Michigan), California (to Utah), and Navy (to Notre Dame).