Pressure is a Privilege

I haven’t slept well the past several night, which gave me a chance to watch more of the British Open than I really wanted to see. With that came watching Jordan Spieth perform under the pressure of potentially being the first golfer in the modern era to win the Grand Slam. He seems to be handling it well with his worse round so far being even. Some people will look at the added pressure of being the first to do something or even the pressure of being in a position to win a major event as a disadvantage. Others look at it and see the advantages.

The only way to get that pressure is to have done something to earn it. In Spieth’s case it was winning the first 2 majors of the season and being one of the top golfers in the world. That seems like an advantage to me. He’s been there, done that and done it recently, so he should be more prepared than his competition to handle the pressure of a major championship. I think that’s advantage and having the pressure to live up to a successful past is a privilege.