Unprofessional Emails

Choreography EmailI recently received 2 emails I’d classify as unprofessional, but for different reasons. The first was from a choreographer soliciting business. My first problem with the email is that it was a forwarded email. I could tell because it was indented with a blue line next to it, see the picture if you don’t know what I’m talking about. If you are going to solicit business from me, please at least have the courtesy to copy and paste your recycled email instead of just forwarding it. My second and third problems with the email are similar, I received the email 2 more times. The final problem is the email was sent to my Showtime Spirit email address, a gym that was sold and stopped using that domain in 2010. I strongly suggest emailing businesses that are still around when soliciting their business, it will help your success rate.

The second was from USA Today and the picture is worth a thousand words.

USA Today EmailI really didn’t expect that from USA Today.