Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Eating, Drinking, and Being Merry, all things I excel at. When I think about the past couple months, maybe a year, maybe a couple years, so many of the best memories are eating and drinking with family and friends. I think about Chris and I cooking at home. I think about Joe, Scott, Tony, and I grabbing something to eat on Tuesday nights. I think about lunch with Les, Matt, and Orry.

Among all the crazy and random things that happen when traveling the moments that stand out the most seem like the simplest. For example in Australia it was having dinner at Steve and Rosie’s with some of their children and coworkers, along with their children’s boyfriend, girlfriend, and teammate. Although the food was great the memory was made from being around a group of loving, fun people enjoying each other’s company.

I had a similar experience in Chile, two actually within about a 24 hour period. The first being burger night at Diego and Fran’s home followed by lunch the next day at the vineyard. Burger night was our hosts, the judges (excluding Ivan), and a couple of the coaches sitting around a table talking, joking, and reliving the highlights of the trip. The vineyard was just 5 of the judges taking a short road trip with a speeding taxi driver to a vineyard for wine tasting and lunch. Even though there were 5 of us there it seemed like I enjoyed most the day getting to know 1 person better.

Eating is something we need to do. Hopefully, starting with tonight as you celebrate Christmas Eve or the end of Hanukkah, it’s something you get to do with people you enjoy and create memories your appreciate next year. Happy Holidays!