Enjoy the Time You Have With Each Other

Last week at about this time I was leaving UCA All*Star Nationals. This trip to UCA was a little different because instead of being on the judges stand I was in warm ups looking for rules violations. Our goal was to catch violations in warm ups so we could inform the coaches and let them make changes before they got to the main floor. Let’s just say coaches had mixed reactions to us. A few said “Thank You” and a few did not. Some coaches asked me to repeat what I said so the kids could hear, I assume because they had told the squad the same thing several times and thought they may listen if it came from someone else.

Others looked at me like I had the sign of the anti-Christ engraved in my forehead. This made me think about the example some coaches set for their staff and teams. I know how important this is to people and that it is their means of paying the bills and putting food on the table, but there is no reason for some people to act the way they do at events. Coaches need to remember they have been given the privilege of doing something they love for a living and given the opportunity to be a great example for kids. I think some of them forget this at times, but hopefully they’ll return to their senses sooner rather than later. Overall it was surprisingly enjoyable and something I’m sure I’ll do again soon.

Shortly after returning I left again to visit Marcel and his wife and meet his adorable baby girl. His wife made some homemade chicken curry that was incredible. His little girl was a giggling ball of fun and huge Dora fan. Marcel and I got a chance to work on Aneris and talked about some ideas for the future.

After that I judged a competition. It was interesting and gave a few people a new perspective on the things that go on “behind the scenes” at an event. We had upset coaches and parents cussing at the event director by the time the first team walked off the floor. After what started out as a circus of a day we ended up with few complaints about scoring or placement, aka the things people go to competitions for.

During the competition I think I had some spicy crab dip. A few of you will understand the relevance of this statement.

After the competition we went to Brio, which is one of my favorite Italian restaurants (Thanks Will), for dinner and to wind down. Most people had early flights so we didn’t stay out too late or do anything silly.

When I got picked up from the airport Miggy told me we were heading to one of the girls house for a viewing because her mom died unexpectedly the night before. Now an 8th grade girl with a love of cheerleading and roller skating is without a mom. I don’t know a whole lot about trying to help a girl that lost her mom at a young age so I really don’t know where I’m going with this. I will leave you with advice from the husband that lost his wife:

Enjoy the time you have with each other because I would give anything to hold her one more time.