Avis EZFUEL Sign

I know this is random and I over-analyze things, but I was going through the pictures on my phone earlier this week and came across this picture taken at an Avis airport counter. Read it.

Avis EZFUEL Sign
Avis EZFUEL Sign

If I’m reading it correctly, it says they are going to add $14 to my bill for gas just in case I decide to drive fewer than 75 miles, but if I drive more than 75 miles and refill the gas tank I just have to bring the receipt in when I drop off the car to get my $14 back. This seems sketchy to me, especially the way they say it.

“If you drive fewer than 75 miles, save time and do not refill the tank. Avis will automatically add a charge to the rental for fuel.”

This part seems to make sense. If I drive fewer than 75 miles and don’t fill it up they will cover it for $14. The second part causes the problem.

“If you do refill the tank, simply present a receipt and Avis will remove the charge”

This contradicts the first part because the first part implies the $14 will be charged when I return the car after driving it fewer than 75 miles without refilling it, but this says I need to turn in the receipt to get the charge removed. Which is it? How many people end up paying an extra $14 because they don’t turn in a receipt to get a charge that never should have been charged, but was charged for their convenience, removed?

Thanks for the convenience Avis.