This week was the Oscars so one of the girls threw a “Tacky Oscars” party. The outfits were outrageous, but I don’t think I’ll post any pictures. Just picture old bridesmaid and pom dresses, mix-matched suits, and tuxedo t-shirts to get a mental image. The show itself was unique because it was the first time a female director won director of the year.

Please remember mailboxes can do significant damage to your car. Do not run into them, especially back to back years on your mom’s birthday.

When I was at my parents’ place during Christmas, I watched an interview with Jay-Z in which he described his life as a Benetton advertisement, referring to the number of colors that touch his life. It may me think about my life and the number of colors that touch mine. Just thinking about December, my Middle Eastern business partner and I decided to sell our business, I went to a birthday party for my White roommate, I went to my Cuban former roommate’s wedding in which he married a White girl, I roomed with a gay Black man, caught up with a gay Black friend I hadn’t seen in a while and met his White boyfriend, before visiting the Asian male twins on the way back to Lexington. I think I have my United Colors covered.

Congrats to the Kentucky women for their performance at the SEC Tournament. The men are next, then the Big Dance.

Next is Sevierville, TN and a return to judging.