VIP in the ARK

Last weekend we were in Hot Springs, AR judging for Athletic Championships. We had a smaller crew than normal, but had still enjoyed the trip. It started with the ride to Hot Springs from Memphis. 5 of us in same vehicle was a little cozy, but it beat driving by myself and we got to watch Charlie Wilson’s War, in honor of the late Congressman. Friday night wasn’t too eventful, just the group sitting around catching up after not having an event the weekend before, even though some of us were in Atlanta for CheerSport. Being a smaller event we didn’t get started early, leaving plenty of time for sleep and breakfast.

Saturday was the Kentucky versus Tennessee basketball game. Being the only Kentucky fan in the group I had to recruit Jenna to help cheer for Kentucky, but we were still badly outnumbered by the Tennessee fans. The game was enhanced by 2 things, the 55 inch TV purchased by one of the staffers after they found out they couldn’t hook up the X-Box or Wii to the TV in the room, and the VIP in the ARK halftime rap performance based on the song written during the breaks in competition.

The competition was normal. We had one serial puker, one mad coach, one confused coach, but overall everyone was happy. The drive home stunk. It started snowing as we got close to Memphis. The trip from Memphis to Jackson was miserable. It was blizzard like conditions almost the entire way. At one point everything went white like I was seeing the light.

I obviously made it. A short trip to Starkville is next.