Fat Tuesday

I got to attend the Kentucky versus Mississippi State basketball game in Starkville on Fat Tuesday. Miguel Sanchez hooked us up and we got a chance to briefly hang out with the squad before the game. The game itself was a mess. It was close from beginning to end, but not a great display of basketball. The refs had several questionable call in the second half, especially coming down the stretch. In the end some fans threw stuff on the court, Kentucky won in overtime, and I’m sure the refs got out of Starkville as fast as possible. The tweets from the game didn’t go out in order. It looks like the ones sent using Tweetie, with pictures, were delayed.

After the game we went out for a bit since it was my last night before giving up alcohol for Lent. I now have back to back weekends without a cheerleading competition so I’ll hopefully get a lot done.