Acts of Kindness

A while ago I helped a couple guys push their not working at the moment BMW out of the road, into a bank parking lot. It reminded me of back in the day when I used to “make” the guys with me on a road trip perform an act of kindness if the opportunity presented itself.

Two examples come to mind. One was Will and I changing a flat tire for a group of women heading to the airport to go to Vegas for a bachelorette party. Will and I had just finished running the Kansas City Plaza in heat advisory weather when we saw the group as we were walking back to Will’s. We had to unpack the loaded down car to get to the spare the lay on the scorching asphalt to jack up the car before we could change the tire. In short, it sucked, but it made their day.

The other time was on our way from Tampa to Orlando following Eric’s bachelor party. A lady had a dead car near a gas station. Her battery was the culprit so we cleared the corrosion and jumped her car. None of these events meant a whole lot to me, but they all made someone else’s day better.