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  • Why I’m Reconsidering Being a WordPress Tester

    I’m venting. I’ve documented testing pre-release versions of WordPress since prior to 3.1 being released in February 2011, coming in at either the Beta or Release Candidate (RC) phase depending the version of WordPress. This release cycle, for the upcoming version 4.1 of WordPress, has annoyed me to the point of reconsidering testing pre-release versions…

  • Escaping The Impostor Syndrome by Chris Lema

    Chris Lema presented Escaping The Impostor Syndrome. [wpvideo bFSNWAXO]

  • WordPress 3.2 and a Look Back

    Mashable published 5 Things to Know About WordPress 3.2, which takes a look back at the interface of WordPress over the past 8 years. WordPress is the software used on this site and just about every website I’m involved with.

  • WordPress 3.1

    WordPress 3.1 was released today so I’ll spend most of the day updating the websites I’m involved with. Over the next few months I work on combining some of the installations to make this process easier, but I have to figure something out with my new host, Media Temple, before I can make the changes…

  • WordPress & Joomla

    It looks like WordPress is going to be my platform of choice for a while. The decision to merge WordPress proper and WordPress Mu in WordPress 3.0, along with the buddypress plugins, makes it easier to standardized the sites I work with on a single platform. Spirit Post and andrejcarter.com have been on WordPress for…