Going Greenhill

My friend and colleague, Chad Greenhill, got married last weekend. It was a beautiful wedding and a great weekend. More on the weekend will be coming later.

Zomberg Wedding

I went to LA for Matt’s wedding. Here are a couple photos.

Wedding Ring

In honor of the my first wedding of wedding season.

Wedding Ring

Keogh Wedding

Keogh got married. It was a great wedding and a great weekend. Julia was stunning, the ceremony was beautiful, and reception was a blast. The weekend overall was fun. Getting to hangout and catch up several people I don’t see nearly enough is the bonus that makes these weekends so special.

The Summer of Weddings

I’m not talking about this summer, I’m talking about next. Now that the Supreme Court has made gay marriage legal across the entire United States I expect next summer to be full of weddings of friends that have been waiting on this decision. So many are ready to have the opportunity to legally share the married life and I’m happy for them that they now have that chance.

Our community may need to consider wedding week. There are going to be so many weddings with similar guest lists that it may be worth renting a place out for a week and having several weddings and receptions in one crazy week.