Tag: Websites

  • Almost Back

    Over the past week I completed the restoration and migration of this website. It went down around 18 months ago and after several failed restoration attempts a different version was created. After that I decided to give restoring a final shot, this time with the help of a friend, and it worked. This site is […]

  • Domain Names

    Be sure to double check alternate meanings of your domain name before you end up on a list like this.

  • TripIt

    TripIt is a travel website with an app I use frequently. I’m sure it does more, but I use it to store travel itineraries in 1 place. The key factor for me is instead of manually entering all my travel information all I need to do is forward the confirmation email to TripIt and they […]

  • Checkbox Confusion

    Sometimes I see something that wasn’t well thought out. This one is from Wells Fargo. Do you check the box if it is or if it is not your mobile number? Are you sure?

  • HTTP Status Dogs

    My web design friends and dog lovers will enjoy HTTP Status Dogs.

  • Web Advertisements

    I got annoyed by an ad on the web this morning. I was listening to music, as I usually do when browsing, and clicked on a link to a photo gallery. I understand that websites want or need to make money so seeing placing an ad in front of the pictures wasn’t much of a […]

  • WordPress 3.2 and a Look Back

    Mashable published 5 Things to Know About WordPress 3.2, which takes a look back at the interface of WordPress over the past 8 years. WordPress is the software used on this site and just about every website I’m involved with.

  • Last Week

    Last weekend I was in Dallas for NCA All*Star. I think the combination of that trip and Atlanta the preceding week wiped me out. I didn’t feel great this week and have slept a lot more than I normally do. Hopefully I’ll return to normal and have a productive week. I did manage to move […]

  • Travel Time

    It’s now the time of year that I travel every week. It usually throws me off my regular schedule a little, but often gives me something to write about. I’m guessing the story of this weekend will be the traveling itself since snow has brought much of the Southeast to a crawl. My flights are […]