• USCF – 7 Weeks & Counting

    We have about 7 weeks to the IFC World Championships and little has changed in the past week. I have talked to the coaches for the coed team, but no reportable progress on the all-girl team. The coed team has the potential to be legendary. All of the alumni I talked to are interested in […]

  • USCF – 8 Weeks & Counting

    So far things have been moving pretty slow, but at least things are moving. I’ve had a few conversations with USCF head, Stephanie French, and Marcel Hammond, one of the board members. We are in agreement on the direction we need to head if things are going to work out. I’ve talked to 2 of […]

  • US Cheerleading Federation

    The United States is sending teams to compete in the World Cheerleading Championships in November and I may get involved with the organization. The teams are sponsored by the Unites States Cheerleading Federation, chaired by Stephanie French. The Championships will be held in Helsinki, Finland in November. I’ll update my site when I have more […]