I went to Chicago and saw a Cubs game. I also had a “burger” that made the “bun” out of fried mac and cheese.

USASF Chicago

Chicago was the first USASF Regional Conference of the summer and for some reason we decided to add a 3 day tumbling workshop to the beginning of it. Everything went great, I got deep dish pizza, and Chris joined us for a drink or 2.

USASF Dallas

Last weekend was the 4th regional meeting of the summer. This one was in Dallas and started with a Tumbling Team meeting at Spirit of Texas and finished with a picture of Caleb. In between was a lot of talking cheerleading and dinner at Bob’s. The random armadillo has nothing to do with Dallas.

USASF Atlanta

Last weekend was the USASF regional meeting in Atlanta, the hump day meeting. My stay didn’t get off to the greatest start, but overall it was a good weekend. I think there was another record number of coaches attending this meeting which makes me think we are doing something right. The highlight of the weekend… Continue reading USASF Atlanta

USASF Baltimore

Last weekend I was in Baltimore for the 2nd USASF meeting. I didn’t see any of Baltimore. I think the only times I left the hotel was when I accidentally took the fire escape stairs from the 2nd floor to outside of the 1st and when I went to the airport. This meeting involved more… Continue reading USASF Baltimore

USASF Chicago

I was in Chicago last weekend for the USASF Regional Meeting. Based on the pictures I took it appears all I did was eat and listen to Brett talk. I had my first meal from Al’s Beef, but didn’t get a picture of the deep dish pizza from Gino’s East. I was pleased with the… Continue reading USASF Chicago

USASF Education

Today I’m changing majors. My USASF major has been Rules, but I’m changing it to Education with a minor in Rules. My focus will be leading the creation of educational resources, starting with resources for coaches. It will be a long term community project, but I’m ready to jump in and give it a speed… Continue reading USASF Education