• Chicago

    I went to Chicago and saw a Cubs game. I also had a “burger” that made the “bun” out of fried mac and cheese.

  • Worlds Week(end)

    I went to Worlds for somewhere between my 5th and 8th time. I thought it was my 5th, but my Worlds wife informed me it was my 8th.

  • USASF Chicago

    Chicago was the first USASF Regional Conference of the summer and for some reason we decided to add a 3 day tumbling workshop to the beginning of it. Everything went great, I got deep dish pizza, and Chris joined us for a drink or 2.

  • USASF Costa Mesa

    The last USASF regional meeting of the summer was in sunny southern California. I was late so I missed teaching my regular classes, but the travel gods made Jessica late so I got to teach hers. The highlight of the weekend was the random little boy that run up to give Brett, Lisa, and I […]

  • USASF Dallas

    Last weekend was the 4th regional meeting of the summer. This one was in Dallas and started with a Tumbling Team meeting at Spirit of Texas and finished with a picture of Caleb. In between was a lot of talking cheerleading and dinner at Bob’s. The random armadillo has nothing to do with Dallas.

  • USASF Atlanta

    Last weekend was the USASF regional meeting in Atlanta, the hump day meeting. My stay didn’t get off to the greatest start, but overall it was a good weekend. I think there was another record number of coaches attending this meeting which makes me think we are doing something right. The highlight of the weekend […]

  • USASF Baltimore

    Last weekend I was in Baltimore for the 2nd USASF meeting. I didn’t see any of Baltimore. I think the only times I left the hotel was when I accidentally took the fire escape stairs from the 2nd floor to outside of the 1st and when I went to the airport. This meeting involved more […]

  • USASF Chicago

    I was in Chicago last weekend for the USASF Regional Meeting. Based on the pictures I took it appears all I did was eat and listen to Brett talk. I had my first meal from Al’s Beef, but didn’t get a picture of the deep dish pizza from Gino’s East. I was pleased with the […]

  • USASF Education

    Today I’m changing majors. My USASF major has been Rules, but I’m changing it to Education with a minor in Rules. My focus will be leading the creation of educational resources, starting with resources for coaches. It will be a long term community project, but I’m ready to jump in and give it a speed […]

  • Memphis & Nashville

    I lived another uneventful weekend of using the Egg. Then I went to Nashville for a mid-week meeting and was taken to the Grand Ole Opry. Next week I take a much further trip. On a different note, I found my last 2 cameras.

  • Los Angeles & USASF Costa Mesa

    I went to Southern California to hang out with Matt and attend the last USASF Regional Meeting of the summer. I ate sushi more on this trip than during the past year.

  • USASF Dallas

    I went to Dallas for the USASF meeting. Billy got a party bus one night and the last night we went to Redneck Heaven and Top Golf. I’m not sure where all of these pictures came from, but I won the chess match.

  • USASF Baltimore

    Last week I went to the USASF Regional Meeting in Baltimore. On the way in I saw the Roush Racing planes. While there we showed support for Julie, a friend going through a tough time. On the way back I stopped by Big Daddy’s Burgers and sat in one of the famous rocking chairs in […]