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  • UCA College Nationals

    UCA College Nationals was the first cheer event in the new arena at ESPN Wide World of Sports.

  • UCA Championships

  • Another Slow Week

    This has been an interesting week and much better for me than many on my Facebook timeline. I hope those that need strength can find it and brighter days are ahead. Good luck to all my friends taking teams to UCA High School Nationals this weekend. Also, congratulations to the New England Patriots on winning […]

  • UCA College Nationals 2015

    Last weekend I went to UCA College Nationals. Alabama had a great performance and won. Kentucky didn’t and finished 3rd. Kentucky’s dance team also finished 3rd which I believe is one of their highest finishes.

  • UCA All Star 2014

    I went to Orlando for UCA, but forgot to take many pictures.

  • UCA College Nationals 2014

    I went to UCA College Nationals. Kentucky won and the housekeeper made animals out of the towels. Yes, I’m that easily entertained.

  • Enjoy the Time You Have With Each Other

    Last week at about this time I was leaving UCA All*Star Nationals. This trip to UCA was a little different because instead of being on the judges stand I was in warm ups looking for rules violations. Our goal was to catch violations in warm ups so we could inform the coaches and let them […]

  • Congratulations UCA National Champions

    Congratulations to Dunbar, Graves County, Greenup County, Westview, for winning UCA High School Nationals once again. Congratulations to Saleem & Donna with Dunbar, Mark with Graves County, Candy with Greenup County, and Craig Monte with Westview (and all the guys and girls on the teams). Congratulations are also in order for so many of my […]