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  • Twitter for iOS

    Last week I got a Twitter notification on my phone that I didn’t want. It told me 2 other accounts started following another account. I didn’t and still don’t care and was annoyed Twitter showed that notification knowing that I didn’t sign up to receive anything like that. When I went to check and potentially […]

  • The Strangeness of Scale at Twitter by Del Harvey

    Del Harvey presented The Strangeness of Scale at Twitter as a TED Talk.

  • Lent 2014

    Lent is here. This year I’ve giving up social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Fierce Board. There are some things that automatically post to these sites that will continue, but there won’t be any manual use of these sites.

  • Only A Test

    This is testing the push to Facebook and Twitter feature. If this works it will post to Twitter twice and Facebook 3 times. That will be fixed in the future.

  • Happy Easter 2011

    Happy Easter Everyone! I’m spending Easter with my parents and having bacon for breakfast. I’ve already sent a Happy Easter tweet and logged into Facebook to see that I have a lot of messages.

  • I’m Giving Up Facebook & Twitter…

    … for Lent. I’ve decided to give up Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bacon, and Beer for Lent. You’ll still get a tweet and Facebook status update when I publish something on andrejcarter.com because those are done automatically, but that should be all until Easter. If you need to get in touch with my try calling, texting, […]

  • Communication

    The best way to communicate with someone is the way they want to be communicated with. Some people love text messages, some emails, others phone calls. If you are trying to reach out to someone you need to figure out their preference and use it. Using your preference may not get you too far. For […]