Tag: Thanksgiving

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Safe travels and good luck with rivalry week games.

  • Thanksgiving 2015

    I went home for Thanksgiving. On the way I saw the Delta Porsche, but didn’t get a ride in it. While at home I went to my first escape room and celebrated my mom’s birthday.

  • Moons

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I don’t know why, but the only pictures I took this week were of the moon.

  • Costa Rica & More

    Last week started with smoking a pork tenderloin and Thanksgiving at the Peabody. It finished with a great trip to Costa Rica and Tony popping the question to Chelsea. Congrats guys!

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving weekend.

  • Holiday Wishes

    Thanks to everyone that sent Thanksgiving wishes. In order; Cory Boyd, Bert Mullins, Nathan Burris, Chad Baker, John Bencomo, Jeff Davis, Grace Willis, Mike Hales, Mark Rawlings, James Phillips, Kim De la Puente, Nikia Hovey, Susannah Odle, Sarah Rowe, Bennie Cunningham, and Lauren Elza.