Tag: Thank You

  • Say Thank You

    It seems like saying the words “Thank You” is becoming a lost art. This applies from minor things, like holding a door for someone, to more significant things, like giving someone a ride, alike. My hope is to help this lost art be found, so if someone does something nice for you, no matter how […]

  • Enjoy the Time You Have With Each Other

    Last week at about this time I was leaving UCA All*Star Nationals. This trip to UCA was a little different because instead of being on the judges stand I was in warm ups looking for rules violations. Our goal was to catch violations in warm ups so we could inform the coaches and let them […]

  • Happy Brithday to Me

    Today is my birthday. It’s also a year and a day after I moved back to Lexington to start Showtime Spirit. A lot has happened in the past year. I’ve been there for a few friends that got married and a few that called it off, engagements and marriages. I’ve moved enough that I realize […]