Minneapolis Super Bowl

In honor of Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis this weekend, here are a couple pictures from passing through earlier this week.

Chocolate Coffee Beans

It was a slow week and I ran out of chocolate covered coffee beans. This weekend is the SuperBowl and I’m going with defense winning a championship.

New England & Seattle

Yesterday New England and Seattle advanced to the SuperBowl. Seattle had a memorable late game comeback to defeat the Packers in overtime while New England beat up Indy like a hazing incident gone wrong. The 2 teams will meet in Phoenix in just under 2 weeks and I’ll actually get to watch it this time. For the past couple years I’ve been at events SuperBowl Sunday and haven’t been able to see much of the game, but this year I’ll be able to partake in more traditional SuperBowl festivities. Congrats to both teams and good luck preparing for the game.

I’m not going to make any predictions yet, but may before kickoff.