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  • USA Today: Norway is Dominating These Winter Olympics With a Unique Approach to Sports

    USA Today published Norway is Dominating These Winter Olympics With a Unique Approach to Sports. Unlike the U.S., where we keep score of everything all the time, Norway puts kids in sports but doesn’t let them keep score until age 13. The idea is to make sports part of their social development so that the […]

  • And Then There Were 5

    Last weekend 4 of the 9 undefeated major college football teams lost, leaving Alabama, Clemson, Michigan, and Washington as the 4 remaining Power 5 teams and Western Michigan as the only remaining Group of 5 team. I beleive the first 4 now clearly control their own destiny in making it to the playoff, but the […]

  • 9 Undefeated Teams Remain

    Nine teams remain undefeated in major college football, 7 from the power conference and 2 from the Group of 5 conference. Alabama, Michigan, Clemson, and Washington clearly control their own destiny, meaning if they win out they’ll be the 4 teams in the College Football Playoff. I believe Nebraska also controls it’s own destiny because […]

  • #MoreThanMean – Women in Sports ‘Face’ Harassment

    Hopefully this is tough for you to watch.

  • Best Team

    “Our job isn’t to assemble the best players, it’s to put together the best team.” – Bill Belichick

  • This Tennis Icon Paved the Way for Women in Sports by Billie Jean King

    Billie Jean King presented This Tennis Icon Paved the Way for Women in Sports as a TED Talk.

  • College Football’s Sweet Sixteen

    Since Kentucky didn’t play last weekend it seems like a good time to look at the rest of the teams. We now have 16 undefeated teams remaining in major college football. This is down from 20 a week ago. Fortunately for the selection committee, all but 2 of the undefeated teams will need to beat […]

  • Football: And Then There Were Six

    There are 6 undefeated teams remaining in college football, Mississippi State, Florida State, Mississippi, Baylor, Notre Dame, and Marshall. At least 2 of them should lose before the season ends because they play another undefeated team with Florida State playing Notre Dame this weekend and Mississippi State and Mississippi playing Thanksgiving weekend, leaving 4 undefeateds. […]

  • Human Error in Sports

    Human errors in sports are a reality. They’ve change the results of games and cost people a spot in the record books, just ask Armando Galarraga. What should we do to try to eliminate these? Football has a challenge system allowing the coach to ask for a couple of plays a game to be reviewed. […]