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  • See Blue: Alex Francke

    One of the former Showtime Spirit kids, Alex Francke, was featured on UKNow in “see blue.” #selfie: Alex Francke.

  • Showtime Spirit & Premier Athletics

    Showtime Spirit will combine with Premier Athletics in January 2010, merging the Lexington gyms Kentucky Elite & Showtime Spirit. The combination won’t lead to major changes this season, but by the time next season begins the gyms will be operating as one. This season the All Star teams will continue as originally planned, competing under…

  • First Competition

    My gym, Showtime Spirit, had it’s first competition yesterday. Of our 3 teams, 2 finished first and 1 finished second. Both first place teams had one other team in their division and the second place finisher had 2 additional teams in the division. Overall I thought it was a successful day. Our performances were pretty…

  • Showtime

    I resigned on Tuesday and will be returning to Lexington, KY to open a cheer and dance training facility called Showtime Spirit. I’ll post more later.