Tag: Rosemary Sims

  • Gold Coast, Australia

    After Sydney we spent just over a week on the Gold Coast. On the Gold Coast we went whale watching, seeing more dolphins than whales, and saw a beachside sculpture exhibit.

  • Time to Think

    I spent the past couple weeks in Australia. On the way there I scheduled a 12 hour layover in LA so I could spend a day with my good friend Matt Goldberg. We didn’t do much, just talked, ate, and drank, but it was an enjoyable day. We were hoping to meet up with Courtney, […]

  • AASCF South Australia States

    The second event in Australia was in Adelaide, which apparently is the city of churches. It was a very pretty city and seemed rather peaceful. On the way home I saw the moving city known as an A380 for the first time.

  • A Week in Melbourne

    I spent a week hanging out in Melbourne. We walked through a forest, went to a wildlife conservatory, looked at the city from the top of a mountain, visited the tallest building in Australia, and found a brothel for sale, among other things.

  • AASCF Victoria States

    I went to Melbourne and visited AASCF’s Victoria State championship. I also toured around downtown Melbourne.