Earlier this month Dove posted an ad that was deemed insensitive. It seemed to be a before and after with the before being a black woman and the after being a white woman, leaving the impression that cleansing would turn you from black to white. They apologized and made the typical statement about it not… Continue reading Thoughtlessness

United We Stand, United We Kneel

For roughly the past week the topic of standing or not standing during the national anthem has been a hot topic. Unfortunately the fact that some are protesting during the national anthem is a hotter part of the topic than the reasons they are protesting. Personally I’m not a fan of the protests, but understand… Continue reading United We Stand, United We Kneel

Ohh Oklahoma

If you haven’t heard anything about what recently happen at the University of Oklahoma you watch the news less than I do and I’m proud of you for it. The rest of us saw a video of some fraternity members chanting a racist chant on a bus followed by quick action by their fraternity and… Continue reading Ohh Oklahoma