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  • Snow Weekend

    We got a little snow last weekend. It wasn’t bad while I was in Memphis, but messed up flights to and from Providence. A couple people didn’t make it and others had to switch to trains. Getting home was a mess for some too. Several were delayed a day and I believe a couple were […]

  • Hello February

    February started with a bachelor party in Providence, at least according to my body. It was actually an Athletic Championship Platinum Event in which they were awarding their Cheerleading Worlds bids. Due to some weather issues we had 2 judges not make it to the event. Fortunately Kiera lived close enough to drive up. Unfortunately […]

  • Goodbye January

    I couldn’t think of a good name for the article so you’re stuck with Goodbye January. My January will end in Providence, RI with the crew from Athletic Championships, assuming the Delta-Northwest merger hasn’t completely screwed up my flight. February starts with a trip to Atlanta for Cheersport. This week has been uneventful, but pretty […]