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  • Good Deed Thwarted

    A couple weeks ago I went to the bank to get some cash before what was destined to be a long and festive day. When I pulled up to the ATM and stuck my card it, it got kicked out. Looking at the screen I saw a bunch of stuff in Spanish that I didn’t […]

  • Lent & Luke’s Back

    Lent started a few days ago and I decided I would give up alcohol. I did it a few years ago and it wasn’t too bad. The most amusing reactions come from friends that are used to ordering a round when we go out to eat, but now I have to remind them I’m sitting […]

  • Mardi Gras

    Happy Mardi Gras. Today is Super Tuesday, a day in which a lot of states have their political Primaries and a lot of candidates realize if they have an actual chance at becoming the President. Today many in New York are still attempting to recover from the Giants’ SuperBowl victory and tomorrow many in New […]

  • Super Sunday

    The SuperBowl is today. Will the Patriots make history or will the Giants pull off an upset for the history books. People are talking about the Patriots being the greatest team of all time and Tom Brady being the best quarterback ever. Maybe they are right, but we’ll never know. One thing we do know […]