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  • News Flash: Binge Drinking, Pot May Harm Teen Brains

    Yesterday CNN published Binge drinking, pot may harm teen brains. I’m not trying to downplay the effects of binge drinking or pot, but is this really news? Even the teens with damaged brains from binge drinking and smoking pot know, and have known for a long time, that it harms their brains.

  • Remember

    He drugged and raped a 13 year old girl. Filmmakers demand Polanski’s release

  • Leave Craigslist Alone

    A CNN.com article with the headline “Med student held without bail in possible Craigslist killing” was sent to me this morning. I get annoyed with headlines like this implying Craigslist or any of numerous other tools (Facebook, MySpace, AIM) are responsible for someone’s death. The victim in this case was killed by a sick person […]

  • Satellite

    I think a friend’s satelite crashed into the ocean early this morning. USA Today Story