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  • NCA Weekend

    In honor of NCA weekend.

  • NCA Judges 2017

  • NCA College 2016

    I was fortunate enough to attend NCA College Nationals once again.

  • Dallas Again

    I went to Dallas for the third time in a month. It was during the NCAA tournament so we watched as much basketball as we could, but couldn’t watch Kentucky’s season ending loss to Indiana. To ease the pain I had a great burger.

  • Daytona 2015

    Last week I was in Daytona Beach for NCA College Nationals. It was once again a great chance to see some great college cheerleading and hang out with some good friends. Oklahoma State (Large Coed) and Louisville (All Girl & Small Coed) won the 1A divisions and Kentucky (Coed) and Oklahoma State (All Girl) won […]

  • NCA All Star 2015

    Last weekend was NCA. Getting there was a disaster, but the event was great. When I woke up I was booked on a direct American flight landing at 1:30pm. By the time I made it to Dallas, around 10:30pm via a connecting flight on Delta, I’d been in possession of 9 boarding passes or seat […]

  • NCA Daytona 2014

    I went to Daytona Beach for NCA College and the Daytona Classic. It wasn’t the same without Kristi, Les, Donnie, Denise, and Greta, but we still managed to have a good time. Fred’s bread helped alot.

  • NCA All Star 2014

    I went to Dallas for NCA. I flew American and the planes had nice interiors. Our hotel had Buddha in it. I didn’t see much other than the hotel and convention center and someone had a long ass day.

  • Last Week

    Last weekend I was in Dallas for NCA All*Star. I think the combination of that trip and Atlanta the preceding week wiped me out. I didn’t feel great this week and have slept a lot more than I normally do. Hopefully I’ll return to normal and have a productive week. I did manage to move […]