Tag: Moving

  • Moving Week

    I spent most of last week unpacking following the move. In the middle of it I got cheap gas and at the end there was a bottle of wine and a Christmas tree.

  • Moving Realizations

    I now feel settled in enough that it would be alright to have people over. Pretty much everything is unpacked. Exclusions are pictures, that may never be unpacked, and some home office stuff, that is sitting in a box next to my desk. I’ve taken out about 15 boxes worth of trash and washed about […]

  • Moving Weekend

    This weekend was moving weekend for me. I moved from a friends house to an apartment that’s a little under 10 miles away, so it’s not a significant change of location. Even though it’s only been a couple nights I’ve already noticed the increase of boredom due to living by myself. I’m still in the […]

  • Macy’s Warranty

    I recently ordered furniture from Macy’s and as just about every retailer does when you buy something worth more than $5, they asked if I wanted to add the extended warranty. My first thought was no because it seems like most of these offers are somewhere between useless and scams, but I listened. The price […]

  • Long Week Ahead

    This is the beginning of a long week. Later tonight I fly home from Chile and go straight to the office for a couple meetings on Tuesday. Wednesday I have another doctor’s appointment then have to sign a lease. Thursday should be a normal day, then Friday is moving day. Moving isn’t fun, but it […]