Texas & Mississippi

The week before Thanksgiving involved a trip to Texas to hangout with Kristi, Omar, Christian, and Jeremy, followed by a trip to Mississippi. There was also a cheerleading competition somewhere in the middle.

Hello March

Black History Month, also known as February, is now over. I’ve spent most of the month of February in Mississippi working with David on Aneris and numerous other things. During that time we went to Mississippi State twice, the first for the Kentucky basketball game, and the other for the cheerleading clinic. I’ve already posted… Continue reading Hello March

Florida Lee

Before leaving Mississippi I got some good news via email. I can’t go into it now, but will later. I was also asked an important question, “Why is it called a Florida Lee and not a New Orleans Lee or Louisiana Lee?” Good question coming from a 7 year old artist. From there it was… Continue reading Florida Lee