Tag: Miguel Sanchez

  • Kentucky at Southern Miss

    I went to the Kentucky game at Southern Miss.

  • Dallas & Vegas

    We had a little extra time in Dallas and Vegas.

  • Miggy’s Birthday

    Miggy came to Memphis for his birthday.

  • Debbie & Miguel

  • Independence Weekend

    Kenny randomly came into town for Independence Weekend so I took him down to Mississippi. We saw alligators, but didn’t catch any.

  • Independence Day 2015

    After London I went to Mississippi for Independence Day Weekend. There was little sleep and a lot of friends, food, beer, and water. Unfortunately a lot of the water came from the sky.

  • 4th of July Picture

    Miggy, Kelley, Los, and Kendall were stunting in the lake on 4th of July. One of the photos made it in The Clarion-Ledger and a couple more were put online by the paper.

  • Enjoy the Time You Have With Each Other

    Last week at about this time I was leaving UCA All*Star Nationals. This trip to UCA was a little different because instead of being on the judges stand I was in warm ups looking for rules violations. Our goal was to catch violations in warm ups so we could inform the coaches and let them […]

  • Fat Tuesday

    I got to attend the Kentucky versus Mississippi State basketball game in Starkville on Fat Tuesday. Miguel Sanchez hooked us up and we got a chance to briefly hang out with the squad before the game. The game itself was a mess. It was close from beginning to end, but not a great display of […]

  • Deep South Cheer

    I’ve spent the past week in Jackson, MS. The tripped was planned so I judge Deep South Cheer Nationals, but I came early and stayed for a while to hang out with a few friends. David Hanbery and I had a chance to talk about 2 projects we will be working on. One with Farid […]