Moving Weekend

This weekend was moving weekend for me. I moved from a friends house to an apartment that’s a little under 10 miles away, so it’s not a significant change of location. Even though it’s only been a couple nights I’ve already noticed the increase of boredom due to living by myself. I’m still in the… Continue reading Moving Weekend

Long Week Ahead

This is the beginning of a long week. Later tonight I fly home from Chile and go straight to the office for a couple meetings on Tuesday. Wednesday I have another doctor’s appointment then have to sign a lease. Thursday should be a normal day, then Friday is moving day. Moving isn’t fun, but it… Continue reading Long Week Ahead

Mid South Regionals

I went to a cheer competition as a spectator. Since I didn’t have any responsibility I took pictures.

Janet Jackson Unbreakable

Janet Jackson came to town and I decided to go at the last minute. It was a great show, but a bit short. The fun sized dancers were great and one was from Memphis.


Last week was my first solid week in Memphis in a while. One of the days was a long and odd day. It started with a doctor’s appointment which consisted of laying still for a long time, something I’m not very good at doing. I then went to a diner I heard about for lunch… Continue reading Lorraine

Ivan in Memphis II

Ivan left Memphis this morning. Here are his pictures from the week. My guess is he’d say the bread bowl for soup at McAllister’s was the most intriguing thing he took a picture of.

Life is Good

Last night as I was sitting at Silky’s I looked around and really noticed life is good right now. Ivan was in from Chile and enjoying himself. He had his first Maker’s and Coke, Fireball, green beer, and late night Taco Bell. Tony and Chelsea, who got engaged around Thanksgiving, were there and Chelsea was… Continue reading Life is Good

Ivan in Memphis

This week Ivan from Chile will be in town. I don’t know what all we’ll do yet, but know we have to get him some Memphis BBQ. With Tuesday being St. Patty’s Day we’ll probably go to Beale Street and get a Diver from Silky’s. He wants to do some cheer stuff, but since that’s… Continue reading Ivan in Memphis

A Week in December

This week started off with tuna tacos, progressed to smoked maple pork chops, and ended with brown sugar glazed salmon. Somehow there wasn’t a competition in the middle.

Memphis in October

October consisted of smoking meat on the Green Egg and Memphis Madness featuring Rick Ross. There was also a train wreck of an evening and a failed attempt at a good deed.