Memphis v. UCLA

I made it to my first Memphis game, it only took 4 years. I had previously made it close enough to tailgate before a game.

The Goat

Earlier this week I attended the Book of Mormon. As with every trip downtown it started at Silky’s. This time was a little different because I wasn’t drinking due to giving up alcohol for Lent. While I was there the goat came out. He hasn’t been out the past couple times I’ve been there and… Continue reading The Goat

Moving Realizations

I now feel settled in enough that it would be alright to have people over. Pretty much everything is unpacked. Exclusions are pictures, that may never be unpacked, and some home office stuff, that is sitting in a box next to my desk. I’ve taken out about 15 boxes worth of trash and washed about… Continue reading Moving Realizations