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  • Visiting Washington DC

    I went to DC and ate with friends. For some reason I didn’t take any pictures at one of the meals, but we’ll meet up in Atlanta soon. And when I got back I went to Chipotle.

  • Enjoy the Time You Have With Each Other

    Last week at about this time I was leaving UCA All*Star Nationals. This trip to UCA was a little different because instead of being on the judges stand I was in warm ups looking for rules violations. Our goal was to catch violations in warm ups so we could inform the coaches and let them…

  • Hello March

    Black History Month, also known as February, is now over. I’ve spent most of the month of February in Mississippi working with David on Aneris and numerous other things. During that time we went to Mississippi State twice, the first for the Kentucky basketball game, and the other for the cheerleading clinic. I’ve already posted…