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  • Louisville

    Louisville for cheer stuff was next on the list. I’m pretty sure the only times I left the hotel were to go to the venue and the airport.

  • Restaurant Signs

    Sometimes I run into random signs at restaurants, usually in the restroom.

  • Boneisms

    You never know what you’ll find in the restroom.

  • Kentucky Oaks & Derby

    This year I went to the Kentucky Derby for the first time in a long time. It was a blast and I even saw a horse. With the dates making it so it didn’t conflict with Worlds or Summit for the first time I figured I had to go while I had the chance. I’m […]

  • Kentucky is 5-7

    Kentucky is now 5-7 and the season is over. The season ended with a 38-24 loss to Louisville after jumping out to a 24-7 halftime lead. Without earning at least 6 wins the Cats are not bowl eligible, therefore the season is over. Sadly for the football team, the basketball team already has more victories […]

  • JAM U in Louisville

    Last weekend I went to Louisville to credential at JAM U. I didn’t get to hear many people speak, but enjoyed listening to those I had the chance to. Those were Sydney McBride talking about giving your gym an identity, Tom Stec regarding what you are doing wrong from a judge’s perspective, Jessica Legette and […]

  • Thank You Louisville

    Last week Kenny and I went to¬† Louisville to update the Level 6 Course. We had the pleasure of working with Misty, James, Calen and the University of Louisville cheerleaders. Misty was a gracious a host as ever, ensuring we had whatever we needed despite being busy catching up from Worlds and Summit, opening a […]

  • Summit & Louisville 2015

    The past week included judging the Summit and a trip to Louisville with Kenny to update the Level 6 curriculum. Last year at this time was the last time I saw Dani before she passed.

  • New Years Week

    The last week of 2014 started with Kentucky beating Louisville. Nothing else mattered.

  • Kentucky in May

    I went to Lexington for Kentucky tryouts and Louisville for USASF Level 6 Credentialing. I learned it was a rough year to be a girl trying out for Kentucky and it’s a bad idea to catch an elbow with your teeth.