Sore Body

Today my body is sore and has been since Saturday. I feel like I have a pulled groin and torn ab at the same time. Most of the time there isn’t any pain, just a mild annoyance. It’s kinda like having a bruise that only hurts when you bump it, but you keep forgetting about… Continue reading Sore Body

Loving Life

“Loving the life that you’ve been given is the only way to live a better one.”  

Looking Back

“I’d rather look back at my life and say “I can’t believe I did that”, rather than saying “I wish I did that”.”

Life is Good

Last night as I was sitting at Silky’s I looked around and really noticed life is good right now. Ivan was in from Chile and enjoying himself. He had his first Maker’s and Coke, Fireball, green beer, and late night Taco Bell. Tony and Chelsea, who got engaged around Thanksgiving, were there and Chelsea was… Continue reading Life is Good

Peaceful Jog

Most days I get up and go on a quick jog before really starting my day. I don’t think I move fast or far enough to call what I’m doing running so I’ll stick with calling it a jog. I started jogging for the health benefits years ago, but now do it more to clear… Continue reading Peaceful Jog


Life is full of decisions, some major, many minor, most irrelevant. Some of the major, life changing decisions are obviously that when you make them, but I wonder how many decisions we thought were minor or irrelevant at the time we made them, proved to actually be life changing. I think back to a couple… Continue reading Life