Tag: Lexington

  • Quick Trip to Lexington

    I took a quick trip to Lexington this weekend due to unfortunate circumstances. While I was there I saw Kentucky perform.

  • Atlanta & Lexington

    I went to Atlanta for about 18 hours, then Lexington for Jomo’s birthday and Kentucky’s summer practices.

  • Kentucky in May

    I went to Lexington for Kentucky tryouts and Louisville for USASF Level 6 Credentialing. I learned it was a rough year to be a girl trying out for Kentucky and it’s a bad idea to catch an elbow with your teeth.

  • Benetton

    This week was the Oscars so one of the girls threw a “Tacky Oscars” party. The outfits were outrageous, but I don’t think I’ll post any pictures. Just picture old bridesmaid and pom dresses, mix-matched suits, and tuxedo t-shirts to get a mental image. The show itself was unique because it was the first time […]

  • Who Dat

    I really couldn’t think of a title for this one, so I chose one the would make Marcel, David, and Keaton happy. Congratulations to the Saints on their SuperBowl victory. Atlanta was fun, the week since hasn’t been nearly as fun. CheerSport, what can you say. It’s undoubtedly the largest, and possibly the greatest cheerleading […]

  • Florida Lee

    Before leaving Mississippi I got some good news via email. I can’t go into it now, but will later. I was also asked an important question, “Why is it called a Florida Lee and not a New Orleans Lee or Louisiana Lee?” Good question coming from a 7 year old artist. From there it was […]

  • Showtime Spirit & Premier Athletics

    Showtime Spirit will combine with Premier Athletics in January 2010, merging the Lexington gyms Kentucky Elite & Showtime Spirit. The combination won’t lead to major changes this season, but by the time next season begins the gyms will be operating as one. This season the All Star teams will continue as originally planned, competing under […]

  • Showtime

    I resigned on Tuesday and will be returning to Lexington, KY to open a cheer and dance training facility called Showtime Spirit. I’ll post more later.