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  • Remember Vegas?

    Do you realize the Las Vegas shooting was only a month ago? There was so much sadness and outrage. Is that still the case? So many thoughts and prayers were sent. Are they still being sent? Unfortunately the answer to these questions is more likely “No” than yes. There are so many violent incidents nowadays…

  • Viva Las Vegas

    This week there was a shooting in Las Vegas that left more than 50 dead and 500 injured. It’s being called the deadliest shooting in modern US history. One moment people were enjoying a country concert and the next being rapid fire shot at from a hotel window. A couple of coaches I know were…

  • Dallas & Vegas

    We had a little extra time in Dallas and Vegas.

  • Las Vegas

    The final stop of the USASF summer tour was Las Vegas for NACCC. Since I don’t talk much about the work side of cheerleading here I’ll focus on the play. We saw Maroon 5 perform a couple songs, David Copperfield’s show, spent a night at 1 OAK, and attended Hip Hop International’s championship.

  • Insert Title Here

    I didn’t know what to call this article because I wasn’t sure what was going to come out when I started typing, hence the catchy name. I spent the other night in the hospital, which was enough to get my mind churning. It’s because I have an irregular heartbeat, which is something I’ve known for…

  • Las Vegas

    Last week I spent 6 nights in Las Vegas, which is at least 3 nights too many. The trip was for cheer meetings, but since we were there we figured we might as well eat well and see some shows. I had 2 nice dinners. The first was at Gordon Ramsay Steak and the second…

  • Summer Travel Season

    Next weekend begins my summer travel season. This season will involve trips to Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas and Southern California for cheer meetings, along with a wedding and my first trip to London. It may also include trips to Destin, Austin, and New Orleans to visit friends, and a trip to Kansas City…

  • Las Vegas Winter

    This year started with a quick workshop in Vegas. It was much more work than play, but still had a night of play and a ride on a really big Ferris wheel.

  • JAMZ 2014

    I went to Vegas for JAMZ. I didn’t see much more than the Orleans except for riding from and to the airport.

  • Hoover Dam

    Sean and I spent an hour at Hoover Dam on the way back from Vegas.