Tag: Kentucky

  • Kentucky v. Missouri

    I made a last minute trip to Lexington for the Missouri game.

  • Kentucky at Southern Miss

    I went to the Kentucky game at Southern Miss.

  • See Blue: Alex Francke

    One of the former Showtime Spirit kids, Alex Francke, was featured on UKNow in “see blue.” #selfie: Alex Francke.

  • Kentucky in Memphis

    Kentucky came to town for a basketball game.

  • University (of Kentucky) Will Sue Its Own Student Newspaper For Reporting On Sexual Assault Case

    Buzzfeed published University Will Sue Its Own Student Newspaper For Reporting On Sexual Assault Case, making me disappointed in my alma mater.

  • Keogh Wedding

    Keogh got married. It was a great wedding and a great weekend. Julia was stunning, the ceremony was beautiful, and reception was a blast. The weekend overall was fun. Getting to hangout and catch up several people I don’t see nearly enough is the bonus that makes these weekends so special.

  • Kentucky Oaks & Derby

    This year I went to the Kentucky Derby for the first time in a long time. It was a blast and I even saw a horse. With the dates making it so it didn’t conflict with Worlds or Summit for the first time I figured I had to go while I had the chance. I’m…

  • Kentucky is 5-7

    Kentucky is now 5-7 and the season is over. The season ended with a 38-24 loss to Louisville after jumping out to a 24-7 halftime lead. Without earning at least 6 wins the Cats are not bowl eligible, therefore the season is over. Sadly for the football team, the basketball team already has more victories…

  • Kentucky is 5-6

    Kentucky convincingly beat Charlotte, 58-10, to raise our record to 5-6. It was our highest scoring game combined with the game in which we gave up the fewest points. Louisville will visit Commonwealth Stadium in what will be our last game of the season unless we win. Beating Louisville would make us bowl eligible and…

  • College Basketball Season

    College basketball season is here. It started over the weekend, but for me really kicked off last night when Kentucky played Duke and won. It was their third game of the season, but the first against a top tier team. Excluding defensive rebounding I think they looked pretty good. Since Kentucky basketball has returned I…

  • Kentucky is 4-6

    Kentucky fell to Vandy 21-17 in Nashville this weekend, making their record 4-6. Kentucky now has to win out to become bowl eligible. The next game is Saturday against Charlotte. The undefeated list lost a member this weekend with Baylor falling to Oklahoma, and nearly lost Houston who won a close game against Memphis. Minnesota…

  • Kentucky is 4-5

    Kentucky lost 27-3 to Georgia to extend the losing streak to 4. I watched most of the game and didn’t see enough good play from Kentucky to make me happy. Kentucky next travels to Nashville to play Vanderbilt. On the undefeated front, 5 of the 11 undefeated teams entering the week left with a loss.…

  • Kentucky is 4-4

    Kentucky lost a disaster of a game to Tennessee, 52-21. Tennessee scored more by halftime than Kentucky would in the game and the second half was worse. Georgia is next. On the national scene, one team fell from the undefeated list. Temple lost a close game to Notre Dame leaving the list with 11. Eight…