Tag: Kentucky Cheerleading

  • Kentucky in Memphis

    Kentucky came to town for a basketball game.

  • Kentucky Tryouts 2016

    The day after Derby I drove to Lexington for Kentucky tryouts. Congratulations to the new team.

  • Kentucky Cheer Reunion

    October started with a trip to Lexington for the Kentucky Cheer reunion and an afternoon at Keeneland. There was also an entertaining Uber with Miggy, Ashley, and Christine.

  • Kentucky Tryouts

    Last weekend I also went to Kentucky tryouts. Congratulations to the new team members.

  • Deep South Memphis

    The Kentucky Cheerleading advisor, T. Lynn Williamson, was recently awarded the Sue Feamster Trailblazer Award. Other than that I was snowed in for a couple days, went out to eat with the Deep South crew while they were in Memphis for an event, and learned silk ties and washers don’t get along.

  • UCA College Nationals 2015

    Last weekend I went to UCA College Nationals. Alabama had a great performance and won. Kentucky didn’t and finished 3rd. Kentucky’s dance team also finished 3rd which I believe is one of their highest finishes.

  • Quick Trip to Lexington

    I took a quick trip to Lexington this weekend due to unfortunate circumstances. While I was there I saw Kentucky perform.

  • Atlanta & Lexington

    I went to Atlanta for about 18 hours, then Lexington for Jomo’s birthday and Kentucky’s summer practices.

  • Kentucky in May

    I went to Lexington for Kentucky tryouts and Louisville for USASF Level 6 Credentialing. I learned it was a rough year to be a girl trying out for Kentucky and it’s a bad idea to catch an elbow with your teeth.

  • UCA College Nationals 2014

    I went to UCA College Nationals. Kentucky won and the housekeeper made animals out of the towels. Yes, I’m that easily entertained.

  • Travel Time

    It’s now the time of year that I travel every week. It usually throws me off my regular schedule a little, but often gives me something to write about. I’m guessing the story of this weekend will be the traveling itself since snow has brought much of the Southeast to a crawl. My flights are […]