Tag: Kenny Feeley

  • Helsinki

    I took my second trip to Helsinki, courtesy of Spring Tumbling.

  • Raclette

    I saw this in the store and it reminded me of a couple of nights in New York with Robin, Calen, Sean, Kenny, Lisa, Neda, and Mike.

  • Independence Weekend

    Kenny randomly came into town for Independence Weekend so I took him down to Mississippi. We saw alligators, but didn’t catch any.

  • Thank You Louisville

    Last week Kenny and I went to¬† Louisville to update the Level 6 Course. We had the pleasure of working with Misty, James, Calen and the University of Louisville cheerleaders. Misty was a gracious a host as ever, ensuring we had whatever we needed despite being busy catching up from Worlds and Summit, opening a […]

  • Summit & Louisville 2015

    The past week included judging the Summit and a trip to Louisville with Kenny to update the Level 6 curriculum. Last year at this time was the last time I saw Dani before she passed.

  • USASF Dallas

    I went to Dallas for the USASF meeting. Billy got a party bus one night and the last night we went to Redneck Heaven and Top Golf. I’m not sure where all of these pictures came from, but I won the chess match.

  • USASF Chicago

    I went to the USASF Regional Meeting in Chicago. I got to work with Kenny Feeley in person for the first time and enjoyed the experience. I also got some Chicago deep dish pizza at Gino’s East, but didn’t realize there was an Al’s Beef nearby so I’ll have to try that next time. The […]